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an open minded male that is a university graduate and lives in a trendy innercity appartment. They believe that they are too enlightened to live in the suburbs because they want to think they are better than white America. They also think that they are just the tops because they are creative and think outside the box by doing things a new way. For example instead of carrying briefcases, they carry their work in a single strap canvas purse. Instead of getting married and having a family, they have coctail parties with their diverse group of friends. Instead of going to baseball or football games, they go to art gallaries.

Ya. Some people call them urban males. But I just call them faggots.
Zoie the Lesbian urbanite: Hello there. I love not having a car in the big city because public transit is just so fast and reliable.

Urban Male: Oh Hello Zoie! perhaps you could join me at starbucks. We could have a read or chat about our favorite writers.

Zoie the Lesbian urbanite: Ok then. that sounds like a good idea. I like you. Most men are pigs and think that women should have babies. I say were too liberated and we shouldn't have babies anymore.
by Red Russell November 07, 2006
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