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The ultimate punisher after someone utters “ur mom gay” and “ur dad lesbian”. The peasant that hears this will get destroyed. Now while they are vulnerable, you have to say everything they tried insulting you with and yell out “ur uncle perv” to 1. Destroy their entire career and 2. Forever traumatize them. If they say “no u” you have to yell out the ultimate combo finisher “ur uncle hella perv” to end them. They can’t come back from that. If they do, use your banishment card “begone thot to banish them while destroying their entire career and forever traumatizing them.
Person 1: Ur mom gay
Person 2: No u
Person 1: ur dad lesbian
Person 2: ur uncle pervert
Person 1: collapses
Person2: ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian and ur uncle a perv
Person 1: no u
Person 2: ur uncle hella perv
Person 1: no u
Person 1: (Gets banished and is sent into the underworld)
by Lolufoot May 10, 2018
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