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Worse than “ur mum gay”, “ur dad lesbian”, and also “ur granny tranny” this is the worst insult in the human race and only a pure intellectual can block this insult, but most of these “intellectuals” will die within the next few hours
Xx-memelord-xX - “ur mum gay
Vape-lord-nord69 - “no u”
Xx-memelord-xX - “ur daddy lesbian
Vape-lord-nord69- “no u” (struggling to stand)
Xx-memelord-xX - “ur granny tranny
Vape-lord-nord69 - “no u” (struggling to breathe)
Xx-memelord-xX - “ur poppa gets the whoppa”
Vape-lord-nord69 - (dies instantly not getting a chance to reply)
by Nate higgers and juck fews March 12, 2018
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