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Not the worst insult in the universe, however a very bad one considering your nan is now a man. Similar to ur mom gay and ur dad lesbian but falls between ur grandpap a trap and ur sister a mister
Phillip: ur mom gay
Bert: no u
Phillip: ur dad lesbian
Bert: don't make me say it
Phillip: ur granny tranny
Phillip: ur grandpa a trap
Bert: ur nan a man

*An Entire Species Is Wiped Out On Earth*
*Pluto Implodes*
by DrueBoy May 11, 2018
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The definition of a black hole. Use this phrase with causion.
Kyle: Ur mom gay
Dave:No u
Kyle: Ur dad lesbian
Dave:Ur granny tranny
Kyle:Ur grandpap a trap
Dave:Ur sister a mister
Kyle: Ur nan a man
*Dave dies and joins Stephen Hawking in heaven*
by Kazi02 May 12, 2018
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