Even worse than ur sisters a mister. Anyone who says it instantly disappears out of existence
Titus: ur sisters a mister
Jacob: ur brothers a mother
Titus: *disappears out of existence*
by AGoodLookingMushroom March 19, 2018
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Ultimate insult of all insults about sum nibbas family
Geoff: ur mum gai
Ryan: No u, ur dad lesbian
Geoff: Ur granny tranny
Ryan: no u
Geoff: Ur sisters a mister:
Geoff: is sent to thot hell to burn and never return
by Mysistersnotamister27 March 15, 2018
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Has risen above all of the previous “ur ___” jokes like “ur mom gay” and “ur dad lesbian”. Any time this is said, Trump gets one inch closer to pressing the nuke button, and God himself falls to the floor and start weeping.
John: ur mom gay
Mike: ur da- no, don’t make me do it

John: do it faggot

Mike: ur brother a mother
*John fucking dies*
by Mikeyisameme March 22, 2018
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This is by far the worst insult you can tell someone in the entire universe. God himself forbids himself from speaking of this.
1: Ur Mom gay
2: ur Dad lesbian

1: Ur granny tranny
2: Ur grandpap a trap
1: Ur sister sisters a mister
2: Ur brother a mother
(Literally every living thing in existence gets the life sucked out of them)
by Mitchyboi March 14, 2018
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The most lethal and deadly insult. There is nothing that can be said to come back from this
Greg: ur mom gay

Ryan: ur dad lesbian
Greg: ur granny a tranny

Ryan: ur grandpap a trap
Greg: ur sister a mister
Ryan: ur brother a mother
*Greg instantly expolodes into a ball of fire as the galaxy explodes
by harryp03 March 17, 2018
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Worse than you're mom gay, ur dad lesbian, and ur granny tranny COMBINED.
When this phrase is uttered, the speaker immediately transcends to the next galaxy, and the sun becomes a black hole.
Ryan: ur mom gay
Ethan: ur dad lesbian and ur granny tranny
Ethan: say it u won't
Ryan: B E T
*solar system collapses, universe shrinks, Ryan transcends to heaven*
by biggest-nibba-down-south March 17, 2018
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This insult will obliterate your opponent and wipe them off the face of the universe. Even the most daring souls never speak of this sentence out of fear of its power. The Pandora's Box of insults.
John: Ur mom gay
Frank: Ur dad lesbian
John: Ur granny tranny
Frank: Ur grandpap a trap
John: Ur sister a mister
Frank: Ur brother a mother
(Frank's skin is melted off his face; The universe implodes)
by Soggy Slopster March 16, 2018
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