if we let 'uow' equal that institution in the city of wollongong that masquerades as a university, but is accepted only as such by the self-styled students that attend there, and other delusional members of the public...

then we can define 'uow student syndrome' as that peculiar affliction indigenous to the aforementioned students.

symptons include the belief that you actually CHOSE to go to uow, rather than being consigned there by marks that in any fair world would qualify you for nothing but conscription.
'So, poor white kid, where do you go to uni?'
'No, I said uni, you r-tard'
'Waaaaaaaaaah, it is too a university! It says so on the sign!!'

Diagnosis: UoW student syndrome.

'It's that one duck that uow could afford that goes around pecking at professors and tutoring the students.'
by fine_dine_decca August 09, 2009
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