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when someone rapes you. glad you know?
Sally is walking along one day at a club. really hot stranger walks up behind her and grabs her. he pulls her into a car and drives to a house. he pushes her onto a bed. "no! No!" she says. he smiles and says, "shut up, you know you like it."
He rips off her clothes, and shoves his dick in her mouth. she angrily shoves him. he says,
"behave yourself." and he sticks his dick up into her vagina. she screams, "let me be you fucking rapist."

He pulls out his dick and starts licking her pussy, pinning her on the bed. she moans , and says"no!" he then moves up to lick her tits. the next morning, he chains her down, and begins the proccess all over again oh, and p.s., unwanted sex is used in the sentence liek, she had unwanted sex with that rapist
by vividdescriptiosns November 04, 2017
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