Can be caught while listening to Buckwheat sing, "Three Times A Lady"
"Untz...Tice...Tee Times a Yady"
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003
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the omnipotent word symbolising how the entire world feels at any particular time.. got good untz? how are you untzing today?
- doctors untz; i'm feeling heroic

- buggers untz drefts; i'm feeling slightly below par

- uuunnntttzzzz, please mrs ades; my man jam doth flow freely in these tight shorts
by richuntz February 26, 2004
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Alternate term for townie coming from the sound made by the music played in their stupid cars at a stupidly loud volume. Townies hate it.
(cool people standing across street from townies)
<cool person 1> "OI UNTZ!"
<cool person 2> does pisstake beatbox "untz untz untz untz"
by schmuckman January 8, 2005
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The sound of the bass drum. Mostly heard from cars passing by with 'f00ly sik' sound systems in them pumping 'phat bass'.
Gabber DJ let the bass drum go liek this *untz untz untz untz*
by Jimmy May 4, 2005
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the sound that the music makes in almost all techno music...people make the noise cuz it sounds cool unless u have a lame voice.
raver: untz untz untz untz!!!

loser:whats untz??

raver: untz untz untz!!!!!!!!!!! untz....
by eddie...just kiddin zach October 25, 2008
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Sound one makes after a man has had sex with a woman and said man celebrates his virility, usually accompanied with a dance. See movie "Mallrats" for clarification.
Woman: "Honey, that was amazing."
Man: "Ohhh yeahhh...untz, untz, untz" (dance next to bed)
by PeteFreans February 20, 2011
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