A country trying to copy the United Kingdom. And also a place where politics is the most talked about thing.
Dave wanted to visit the United States but he didn't want to face discrimination of political opinions, so he went to Canada instead.
Another way to call Mexico. Due to its official name is Mexican United States.
-Where are you from?
-I am from United States!
-Oh, USA?
-No, Mexican United States
by Mr.Chilo July 12, 2022
Known as America for short, it is a toxic country due to it having the most money, but Americans have shorter and sicker lives compared to its competitors i.e. Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Germany, UK, Canada, France, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand.
Sorry but, with a taste of my brain I'm on a ride, you're toxic, I'm slipping under. Did you know that your toxic Mr United States?

Credit to: Britney Spears
by Power476 September 14, 2020
hey, we got our issues but we’re trying. some days it’s the 1800’s and other days it’s 3020.
person 1: “ man, the united states is fucked up!”
person 2: “hey, at least they got good food.”
by snowman2680 January 27, 2018
The most powerful country anyone can think of. Its economy is massive, it military budget is outrages, and the capital is Washington D.C. Was givin independence in July 4, 1776 by the British. At first, it was pretty small only having the 13 original colonies with Michigan, but then they got Louisiana from France and decided to manifest destiny across the continent (All they was killing the Natives and kicking out the Mexicans). The South was getting rowdy and their smallass brains thought it was a good idea to expand their territory and spread the idea of slavery. Unfortunately for them, the US said "nope" and fucking beat the shit out of the south. They bought Alaska from the Russian Empire (they regretted it) and they "annexed" Hawaii. They fought in a world war, an economic crisis happened, a giant cloud of dust came and went, fought in another world war, bombed a country, hated a country that is the opposite of the US, it collapsed, has 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 nukes, and a lot of crap that is amazing.
by Klojhgfcvbn March 21, 2022
Refers to an "acquired from the past" habit/routine/action/policy, usually of questionable morals/ethics. It originates from a practice that a former U.S. prez began many years ago, and so then one or more C-in-C's have partaken of same sinfulness on numerous occasions since then because they figger that it is something they can get away with and thus they should be able to do it themselves.
A few "classic" and disgraceful examples of a precedent of the United States would be Kennedy's philandering (and so Clinton and Dubya followed suit), Nixon's dirty politics (and so Reagan did likewise, as well), and Reagan's running rough-shod over everyone (just as The Donald is doing now).
by QuacksO April 11, 2019