Situation normal. Working in accordance with one's pay rate. Also see semi-tasking.
This morning I checked my email, and then I moved some stuff around on my desk for a while, and then I checked my voice mail. I was uni-tasking.
by ryan.s August 26, 2008
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The unfortunate penalty for successful investigators in which they are required to fix the mistakes of a UNI's inadequate or poor work performance.
The Detective had to pay the UNI Tax for nearly three days, tracking down a victim whose phone number was never properly entered into the police report.
by Au79Life April 1, 2016
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Did you see Matt scream at that tiny bug the other day? What a Uni-vag.
by EZ54321 July 16, 2022
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someone who has had sex prior to university, but hasn’t had sex in university, leaving them to be a uni virgin
Look at jackson, guys a uni virgin, how crazy is that”
by ItsBigJuicay December 30, 2021
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A dad who is over the age of 35 and still wears matching tracksuits and snapbags like his children.
A uni youth dad is the kind of dad who wears the same clothes as his children or the youth or the world, he tends to wear SnapBacks, matching brand tracksuits and had grey beard and no hair but the SnapBacks cover the hair and you see greys.
by PrincessP11 June 2, 2022
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