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annoyingly repetitive high speed raver music such as trance, techno, house, etc.
Bob woke up his roomates in he middle of the night by blasting his ungst ungst music and dancing lke a jerk tii his knee gave out.
by 85wasLive September 23, 2007
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The utterly anoying music religously played over and over again by ravers, etards, and club dummies. This music is very fast, very confusing, very ear piercing, and very mind dumbing to those who seek content within the music that they listen to. This music can be grouped among genres such as trance, techno, happy hardcore, house, hard house, etc., etc. Basically this means dumb.
Bob got drunk and angrily awoke his room mates by playing his ungst ungst music very loud at 2AM while dancing the night away in a homosexually manner untill his knee gave out and he fell down.
by BiteTheBarrel October 02, 2007
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