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a type of church that has the same general theology as christian churches and believes in the same God (the trinity: father, son, holy spirit) as your local baptist church, except these churches are filled with subcultural christians. the punks, goths, hardcore kids, bikers, hippies, etc generally gather here. The main difference in these churches, besides the obvious outer appearance of those inside of the church, is the focus on love and grace. people in underground churches don't appreciate religion, because they feel that religion is man's attempt to get to God, but in reality, God already provided that bridge through Jesus... so religion is worthless. God is not just a set of rules, do's and don'ts... He is alive and moving, and loves everyone just the same.

you'll more than likely never here the words "youre going to hell", or anything else that you've probably associated christianity with inside these churches or from the mouth of those who attend, because more than likely...they're just as fed up, if not more, with the state of Christianity in america than you are. while they do practice bibilcal principles, the concept of condemnation doesnt really fit in there. No matter who you are, where you've come from, or what youve done... you're on equal ground.

Our generation is searching for the truth, and the 'truth' most of the modern church is claiming to have is not right. it's not about huge churches, the prosperity gospel ("if you give, you'll get more in return!"...selfish motive? what?), and entertainment, your appearance, etc. its about Jesus. Period. It's about our generation being aware of their relationship with God and how much he really does love you, despite what society tells you. underground churches push the limits of Spirituality, and often times are shunned by mainstream churches as being 'wrong', when in reality, we're after the same thing they are (awareness of faith), just in a different package. ironic, huh?

the underground church movement goes back a decade or two, and one of the most famous underground churches is Revolution, Atlanta. Founded by son of Jim and tammy faye bakker... Jay bakker started this revolutionary ministry over ten years ago. Other churches have followed behind, such as deliverance bible church in dallas, texas and Rise Above in San Antonio, Texas...and multiple other underground churches are popping up everywhere.

In summary, Underground Churches are christianity with a generational twist relevant to those that mainstream mega churches possibly can't reach. A place where everyone can come and experience the love of our Creator without feeling like an outcast or like they have to live up to a certain false perception of what a "christian" really is. It's not a denomination or a religion, they're just after Jesus...and forming communities of people with the same interests and love for God. for more information, I suggest reading Son of a Preacher Man: My Search for Grace in the Shadows by Jay Bakker.
1. that church where all the punks and goths go is an underground church.

2. i think underground churches are awesome. there are many all over the world, and they're all geared towards different types of people, from punks and bikers, to hippies.

3. I think if I had to sum up underground churches in one word it would be "Revolution".
by kdav December 21, 2005
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