Someone is is dirty and worthless, like a pig, but comes through as a good friend and ,for some really odd reason, leaves a good taste in ur mouth, like bacon.
Latasha look at that dirty pig over there sucking dick. What a uncultured swine she is.
Two weeks later...
Latasha look at our little hoe over there sucking dick!! Man I am so happy she came through to us
by Itssotrue August 08, 2016
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Someone who uses this word is a complete ass and dosent know how bad they are. They also may where way more I liner than they should and is offended when someone makes a suiside joke but when they make that joke there fine ok so the actual def is someone who ur jellos of
What an uncultured swine he is
by That gay fuck November 05, 2018
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1. (noun) when a person notices something very iconic & he or she does not know what is. 2. (noun) A non-intellectual.
Wow! There is a certain percentage that the person reading this is wondering what uncultured swine is, may be one!
(Actual example): A 10-year girl doesn't know where the krabby patty came from, & guesses it's from McDonald's;
by bluestardust96 February 13, 2019
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The pinnacle of 0 real taste of anything that involves any form of real enjoyment
Oh that Ben primmer fuckwit doesn't like iconic cars or vegetables the uncultured swine what an absolute pleb
by TherealOGofmoderndaywogs May 14, 2020
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A member of society which is seen as an outcast, knows nothing, and lives under a rock. Often this person is seen as stupid and is almost always ignorant as to what goes on in the world. They have little to no knowledge of how to interact with others. They are also known as, and I quote, β€œThe Village Idiot”
via giphy
by numberfive. June 03, 2021
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Dumb af and uncultured and swine-looking
β€œJonathan GarcΓ­a looked acted like an uncultured swine about Fortnite set ups
by Swinewine holly molly May 01, 2019
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