1. noun : Second Fastest Man Ever.

2. adj :

when you try so hard engaging in months of preparing, gruelling training - sweating it out , hoping and raring to go out there and give it your best to win and restore glory - only to do all that and just fumble a distant, distant second - being beaten by a better person by a mile, you've had a tyson gay.
Tyson Gay's 9.71 (s) at the 100m Final at Berlin 2009 was obliterated my Usain Bolts' groundbreaking 9.58 (s).

Tyson Gay ran 9.71 , on any other race, he would have obliterated the field, but against Usain Bolt, you come out second , not my an inch, but by several metres, still. Usain Bolt beat Tyson Gay in the 100m Final at the Berlin World Championships, August 2009, bettering his 2008 Beijing Olympics 100m record of 9.69 by 0.11 seconds, registering a brilliant 9.58 seconds to blow them all away, Tyson Gay included, who, with the third fastest time ever recorded (after Bolt's 9.58 and 9.69) came a distant, distant second.
You could tell he ran the race of his life and gave his life, but just wasn't to be, because when you are facing against the man they call Bolt - you just weren't born to be good enough.
by sundarasundara August 25, 2009
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