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A character in the popular lets play Sylvar.
Tynal started out as an admirable, slightly narcissistic, elf time prophet. He soon became a fabled hero and got with his friends areandir(see bitch) sister.
Slowly over time tynal grew a family and gained his family's political power. But his wife slowly died of disease and he went back time endlessly to spend time with her, which slowly drove him to madness, not ever knowing when the present was currently happening. His racial attitudes toward dwarves became more extreme. He believed the dwarves were hiding the key to his family's chance at immortality. Then at the time of crisis he tries to genocide the dwarves, leading to his new name as the elven hitler.
Hey it's tynal De'Lunar, you know elf hitler.
by massabesic surivor October 03, 2016
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