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Take the woman, open her legs lather her pussy in rich marinara sauce, Sprinkle some freshly shredded mozzarella cheese over the sauce. Cook her pussy in a tanning bed for about 10 minutes.. or until the cheese is slightly browned. When she's done, dig right in her now sloppy cheesy pussy. If you'd like you may add a surprise right into her cunt, by placing pepperoni and sausage on her clit and threw out the sauce mixture. May be complimented with Parmesan cheese or pepper flakes, and don't forget to make sure you enjoy so the woman feels satisfied.

Can also be done in the anal cavity... if the woman would like some pizza as well... also can be done by two men.
TIP!!! Make sure the pussy/anus is shaved, because no one enjoys pubes in there pizza! ;D
Husband- What's for dinner tonight babe? I'm famished!
Wife- Oh! We're having pizza!
Husband- What kinda are we guna have?
Wife- Twunt surprise.
Husband- What's that sounds.. delicious!!!!
Wife- Oh.... you'll see (;
by Pussyfucker11 August 11, 2010
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