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The person that bugs the crap out of you to get high, and bitches out after the second hit because their throat hurts from hacking a lung up during the first one.

Other excuses include:
-being "wayyy to hiigh already maaan!"
-not liking the taste of weed
-not feeling 'into it' anymore

They then proceed to tell other people about how much of a champ they are.
Me: Yo man i just blazed with that really cute girl that always says she wants to get high with me

You: That really hot one that's supposedly a huge pothead?

Me: Yeah!

You:DUDE! How was it!?! You guys musta blazed for hours!

Me: I wish man.... she bailed after two hits. She said she was wayy too high and had to go home. :(

You: Really? Man, you mean that girl's just a two toke joke?

Me: Straight up.

by A.J. Eitel February 08, 2009
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