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Nan: I've got 10 twits & i dunno how to get rid of them
Granddaughter: ten what?
Nan: 10 twits honey, get with the times smh
by datebayo June 26, 2019
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An individual who taunts others for doing something they have to do, when it's the taunter's fault they even had to do it to begin with.
Jordan: Hey Kyrsten, why don't you go hang out with that 70 year old you like so much?
Kyrsten: If you weren't such a twit, Jordan, and had helped me move my furniture when I asked, I wouldn't have had to ask a real man to help me!
by SickOTheSickos March 01, 2020
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Short for ,
That's what I was/am Thinking
Usually uttered when you realize that you and the person/s you are talking/hanging out with have the exact same thought, at the same time.
T....I'm hungry...lets get some dinner
L.....Dude, thats what I was thinking
T & L Twit! thats what I was thinking

by teenyj July 06, 2008
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the name of a person who performs a jerk action or an offensive joke
by name calling December 02, 2019
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