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A guy who is so blinded by his own ego that he thinks he can lead on any girl he wants and act practically like bf and gf then get back with his gf out of the blue leaving the other girl confused and wondering what went wrong...Twinkle twinkle little douche differs from douche bag because a douche bag at least knows he's a douche but just doesn't give a fuck whereas a twinkle twinkle little douche thinks he is god's gift to girls yet still thinks he is a "good guy" but for some reason still can only commit to high school girls because college girls intimidate him because they won't take his shit and worship the ground he walks on, yet would be way better gfs than his current one...term popularized by the MTV show "Is she Really Going Out with Him?"
Girl 1:I though he really liked me...? :/

Girl 2:He DID really like you, he's just a twinkle twinkle little douche so he thinks he can lead girls on until the next one or until he decides to get back with his fake ass, photoshopped skanky gf...

Girl 1: He can go fuck himself
by regretbutdontforget March 27, 2010
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