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Similar to a stone cold susan, except instead of numbng the anus you numb the vaginal area(clitoris, cervix, labia, etc.) and then eat out. Lesbian couples can 69 if they wish.

Taken from Deuce Bigelo: European Gigolo
The clock strikes 1 am. He takes 3 icecubes from the icebox and felt the coldness in his hands. She heard him approach and prepared for his love. He slowly rubbed the ice from between her creamy breasts, down her abdomine, and into her juicy vagina. He numbed her and seduced her with his words. She moaned and cried out when his warm tongue made contact with her womanhood. He ate her out until she spurted into his mouth, then he takes her over and over agian. The moaning and groaning continues with the rhythm of her pounding. They both thoroughly enjoyed a turquish snowcone.
by annonamoose July 06, 2006
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