When you brush your teeth and you rip a fat, stinky, fart.
Did you hear that Amin gave himself a Turkish Delight? Homeboy was dying in that bathroom.
by hanayama! August 5, 2021
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When some one dunks their balls in Tzasiki sauce and their partner licks it off.
I ordered way too much Tzasiki. Hope my girlfriend is ready for a salty Turkish Delight later.
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The only good thing about that massage was that she tipped ME with a Turkish delight.
by Blurrynomenclature January 10, 2017
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This popular Turkish Confection is a mixture of Turkish Man whore spunk and sugar , with the flavour disguised with rosewater. It tastes disgusting. As for chocolate covered Turkish Delight ... lets say that sticking it up your backside and covering it with a layer of finest Turkish Chocolate doesn't appear in any reputable confectionists book of tricks
Despite being told not to , the young lady insisted on stuffing her face with the finest chocolate covered Turkish Delight, until she could eat no more. It ran out of her mouth and she could hardly swallow it all
by OMG i dont believe it May 4, 2020
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