the stretchy piece of skin below the shaft of the penis and above the scrotum
"when it's hot outside i can tie my turkeyneck around my waist!"
by penatreytion September 01, 2008
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a common name for a large, loose, and wrinkley vagina; tends to be saggy beyond belief.
"Hey my name is Mary Ann"
"No it's not...don't you mean turkey neck?"
"Oh that's right, thanks for the reminder."
by sleepingbeauty February 29, 2008
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Basically your balls are mysteriously fixed to your penis in a web-like fashion
Penoscrotal Web

The patient had a history of an aggressive circumcision at birth. He has hair on the base of the penis that he shaved, upper scrotum attached to the base of penis and a penoscrotal web or turkey neck of entire lower surface of penis to the glans (head) giving the appearance of a short penis and deformed scrotum.

by diy January 12, 2006
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When someone who is bladdered dances by moving their neck from side to side. Very annoying.
Paul was dancing with a right old Turkey Neck the other night.
by DogMonkey October 01, 2003
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1. A turkey's neck

2. One who says:
a) "Hi guys, how ya doin'"
b) "Not too bad - how 'bout yourself"
c) *TK* "Oooooo..... Was that you???"
d) "Uuuuuugh - I hit the huuulk"
Me: "Hi Bruce - how are you?"
Turkeyneck: "Not too bad - how 'bout yourself"
Me: "err... yeah, fine"
Turkeyneck: *TK* "Oooooo..... Was that you???"
Me: "Yes Bruce, for the 23rd time today"
Turkeyneck : "Uuuuuugh - I hit the huuulk"
Me: "....Indeedy"
by Glen-Mens May 04, 2006
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When an older person has skin that sags in the neck.
My grandmother has massive turkey neck, yo. Gobble, Gobble. It sags from here to there and everywhere.
by crunkalicious July 04, 2004
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a turkey neck is when you get soo fat that you have to store some of the excess fat down between your penis and your ball sack. the reason it is called a "turkey neck" is because it looks like the gross neck of a turkey. if you look at any picture of a turkey you will see why it is called this. it can be used as a noun or a verb

"timmy, you dont have to be such a turkey neck" or "yeah, i was turkey necking it up last night at that one party" or even "im so fat that i have a turkey neck and it hurts :*("
by nathan S May 17, 2006
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