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When two men aggressively engage one another in combat using their erect "members" as weapons to slap one another until one yields. The loser traditionally succumbs to the punishment of being ejaculated on by the victor. A very common way to settle disputes in central Mexico, Portugal and some parts of Armenia.

Scholars are unclear as to which culture the turkey fight originated but ancient historical evidence does suggest the usage of the turkey fight as a form of settling disputes goes as far back as 5th century BC Persia.

Challenger: I challenge you to a turkey fight!

Challenged: I accept. On-guard!

Example 2)

Friend 1: "Hey man, would it be gay if me and you had a turkey fight this weekend?"

Friend 2: "Umm... it would be gay if we didn't?"

Example 3)

In 2003, the president of the United States George W. Bush challenged Saddam Hussein to a private turkey fight to settle disputes over the possibility of nuclear weapons in Iraq. Hussein did not accept this challenge and thus matters had be settled through other means.
by The Turkey King August 24, 2013
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