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A woman 20 years past a cougar that still likes to hunt but can't take down the prey.
Watch out for the turkey buzzards when you visit your grandma at the retirement home.
by ewm3lisa December 14, 2015
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a man of a certain age, say 50, who is desirous of slightly underage girls--a heterosexual congressman foley--a vile predator of innocents.
there is a true ghost, a ghoul actually, who roams the halls and lobby of the chelsea hotel preying on women of a certain age. a disapicable predator, the likes of a certain congressman from florida, who makes sport of filing notches on his unfortunate rifle when successful, and is vicious and bitter when shunned. buyer beware: we all know picasso was a vile pig with women - as for this "artiste," all of the acidic, noxious colors of oil paint splayed in demonic imagery on canvas is no excuse for a pompous turkey buzzard in paint splattered pants.
by col. warren j hendricks October 17, 2006
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