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A turd basket is a name given to someone who is full of crap or someone who you know is telling a big dirty lie.
Can you belive that Johnny tried to tell us that crap, he's such a turd basket!
by Godfrey G July 04, 2006
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A person who collects crap on other people behind their backs making themselves look like shit. Often a small punk who has no life or personality trying to make himself look better, but instead is often hated.
Wow, look at this kid running his mouth again.
Yeah, what a turd-Basket.
by Alessria November 12, 2010
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An alocholic drink in which a shot of Jagermeister is dropped into a half pint of Red Bull and chugged. Similar to an Irish car bomb.
Bartender, may I please have a round of turd baskets for the guys?
by Ted Ferguson June 17, 2007
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The toilet, a.k.a. the porcelain throne. A place in which to deposit fecal matter.
That casserole didn't agree with me. I gotta go fill up the turd basket.
by Jonathan Footpenis May 29, 2017
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