The action of asking if someone speaks portuguese.
Dave: tuga?
Random NN: Calou ó boi
by lol360lel December 15, 2020
Portuguese slang for «portuguese». It started out by being a derogatory term used by the African rebels during the Portuguese colonial wars (1960's - 1974). Ironically, it is now a word that overly patriotic portuguese use to refer to themselves.
«Estão ali mais tugas.» - Look, more portuguese people over there.

«Orgulho Tuga» - Portuguese Pride
by Marquis de Carabas July 6, 2004
Tuga is the definition for someone who’s cooler than you and was born in Portugal
Ey! you think you’re a tuga? So... I think you didn’t understand what tuga means ...!
by Gloria the chicken December 7, 2018
A desisse that u get form listening to songs form balkan region of singers like: saban, djani, sinan sakic ... and so on. When tuga gets you it never lets go of you. Tuga once got 4 boys (A,L,T,K) and its said only they can live with tuga... everyone else is in great danger.
Oh no i thing tuga got me last night in the bar
by Switchblade22 February 20, 2021
abbreviation of the spanish term for turtle, 'tortuga'. it is used to refer to a person with turtle-like characteristics, most commonly a back that resembles a shell.
Eres un 'Tuga
by koikoikoi January 12, 2010
meaning Portuguese gangster who lives his life on crime robberies fraud and other illegal jobs.
Police: hey catch that mother fukin tuga man!
by Urban0 December 1, 2004
Portuguese Hip Hop. Portuguese artists and portuguese Hip Hop audience very rarely use the expression "Portuguese Hip Hop", instead they say "Hip Hop Tuga".
"Eu só ouço Hip Hop Tuga" - I only listen to Portuguese Hip Hop.

"Represento o Hip Hop tuga" - I represent Portuguese Hip Hop.
by Nicolau November 26, 2005