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An alternative to the word "touche", which is defined as "Used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or a successful criticism or an effective point in argument." This alternative in particular pertains to the latter half of that definition only. Jon The Korean coined this infinitely useful, and infinitely hilarious, alternative spelling.
(as originally used by Jon The Korean)

"I can't believe this thread is on its second page."

"Tu shay."
by PoorAssRacing May 18, 2005
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A misspelling of the french word "Touché". Originally a fencing it meaning "touch" which is called out when one scores a point, it has since become used to acknowledge a quick, appropriate verbal response.
vphvadim: So I submitted Tushay to Urban Dictionary today!
SuperJosh: Don't you mean "touché"?
vphvadim: Tushay Josh, Tushay.
by SuperJosh January 03, 2008
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Pretty much a fancy word for saying 'good reply' or 'that's quite a good comeback'. Usually said to a person or persons after they had a good comeback equivalent or better to what you said.
Dave: "I had sex with your mom!"
Tim: "Well i had sex with your sister, your mom, AND your dog at the same time!"
Dave: "tushay Tim....tushay."
by vphvadim October 09, 2006
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1. Slang for agreeing with someones opinion.

2. The simpler way of spelling touche, because no one knows how to spell that.
Man one says to man two at a horse race, "Trust me, I'm never wrong about the winning horse."
Man two responds, "Except last Tuesday, when you convinced me to place twenty grand on the horse that broke his leg in the race."
Man one reflects and says, "Tushay."
by Coda lilac February 25, 2012
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(T)urn (U)p (S)tunt (H)ard (A)ll (Y)ear
Tushay my love ,,.....tushay baby .......tushay way or no way
by Jhayc wild December 22, 2016
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