the spanish version of your mom gay

used to throw your opponent off
Joe: you suck i bet ur mom is dead
Me: oh yeah well tu madre es homosexual you communist scoundrel
by lil booty wipe February 20, 2018
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Sud-American word used as an insult. The literal translation is : "Your mother's sea shell".

This word makes direct reference to the female reproductive organs and it is considered one of the biggest insults in countries like : Chile, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia.

English alike : Motherfucker.

"¡Déjate de gueviar concha de tu madre!"

Translation : "Fuck off you motherfucker!"
by Alfacentauro January 16, 2007
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It quite literally means, "Go fuck your mother." in Spanish.

Someone put up "chinge su madre" on the site, but that is incorrect.
"Ver chinge tu madre, puto!"
by 3xploiter January 4, 2008
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hispanics, and llanitos, use this term as a form of self defence upon one's mother being insulted by the other. mainly describes a mother's large anus- sesi tight culo
guy1- tu puta madre la warra mierda esa ke me la folle anoshe con un par de cojones waka

guy2- tu madre en poppa mierda
by tetona69 May 15, 2011
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a spanish insult, that poeple who dont know spainsh would usually use to insult a spanish neighbor.
by alfreurda July 8, 2009
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