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Kids that look they love to surf, think they are hardcore, and are emo. Have been known to participate in a plethora of circle jerks.
"Yeah I'm a tsunami kid fosho, I use roids because I can't get muscles by myself dude, I like my long flowing hair sometimes I pretend I am a little girl. I would cry if I ever had to fight a goon, my roids would not help me. Let me tell you what though I LOVE DITTYS from men. Oh shit I need to go surf that wave it is extreme, just like me!"
by the st3 October 14, 2005
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jerk offs that think they are from southern california and they think they can have the shag haircut and talk like this
"hey bro, whats up with the waves?" these kids also sag their pants and wear assorted polos and they go to malls to pick up chicks like queers would.
dude, do you see those tsunami kids over there jerking each other off in hopes that a female will come over and vomit on them
by Robert Parker November 14, 2005
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