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"Man's never been in Marquee when it's shutdown eh? Trusss me daddi" Phrase used by Drake in a vine and in Skepta's song Shutdown. It is a slang term convincing someone to believe what you are saying basically taking your word for it.

Also Truss mi Daddi
Homette: Are you sure these sneakers are fire?
Eizo: Yo those sneakers are the hottest pair out, Truss mi Daddy
by eizoefoer July 18, 2016
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Commonly used by chavs/wannabe gangstas thinking they're cool.
Chav: Idk what to put in my bio

Wanna be g: truss mi daddy !!
Chav: ofc
by Definitions 4 u January 01, 2016
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A statement used after one asks a father figure to go to that frat party and he's unsure if he should let you go
Jordan: Can I go to the frat party?
Dad: Hmm.. I don't know
Jordan: Oh common, truss mi daddy
by Thad Castle 13 October 21, 2015
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