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An affectionate name for Radek Dutkiewicz who is an adorable white man of polish descent. He is a pale Pole who takes frequent vacations while his colleagues slave away at the hospital. While on vacation, he loves to sunbathe in the nude. As a result, he returns home with a ridiculous tan and he resembles a strawberry. And Truskawka is polish for strawberry.

Truskawka has recently been the object of scorn among his friends and colleagues because he returned a sweet little puppy he had adopted because she had a 'weird bark'.
Truskawka likes BLT from Pony Espresso.
Truskawka has a cute smile and mesmerizing eyes.
Truskawka is not into anal but is very anal about cleanliness.
Person 1: you should only eat organic truskawkas because they have thin skin and pesticides can easily fuck them up.
Person 2: WTF you talking about Karen? Who the fuck ever died from eating truskawkas? Don't be such a Trader-Joe-bitch. Now get the fuck outta here before I throw a highly processed Oscar Meyer hotdog at your stupid face.
A truskawka is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness - much like Radek.
by fffffraewfwerqgRogue Indian August 03, 2019
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