Government healthcare program thought up by a group of rich white men posing as politicians that will provide you with enough coverage for a band-aid. Unless of course you are one of the rich.
I went to the E.R. with a severed finger. Having Trumpcare , they reattached it with a band-aid...thankfully I can sew!
by DFThompson March 11, 2017
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a new healthcare insurance system where you automatically lose your health coverage if you are sick or poor.
I went to the emergency room after the accident, they said, "we can't help you, you've got trumpcare."
by zen velo January 07, 2017
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The new Republican health care program adopted by our government which takes care of Americans bigly, like no other! This program provides assistance to our top 1% while leaving the rest of 'merica free to treat using the incredible health care provided by the great Dr. Google!
I thought I was having a hear attack the other day but thanks to Trumpcare, I discovered it was probably only a *gasp....*cough....*wheeze..*dies..
by Girl 6 January 26, 2017
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An oxymoron. Trump doesn't care about anything important to you, especially your health.
ME: Hey man, I see your cancer came back.
YOU: Yea. Losing my Obamacare though. Looking forward to TrumpCare.
ME: No he doesn't.
by TheFlashSimiValley May 06, 2017
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What Trump will replace Obama Care with, aka a bus token for a ride to the Free Clinic.
OG: Why did it take your wife six hours to get treated for her stab wound?
G: Trump care.
by theauthormarkwilkins January 26, 2017
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The word that makes you cringe whenever you hear it and makes you realize the United States is going to shit.

This word also makes you proud to be a Canadian.
Donald Trump: "TrumpCare will cover everyone for a fraction of the cost"

All News Outlets: "Over 20 million people are expected to lose healthcare with the new bill proposed by the Trump Administration, dubbed 'TrumpCare'".

Canadians: "Trumpcare is fucked, eh? Let's go to Timmies."
by Real Don March 20, 2017
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so-called "compassionate conservatism" healthcare which in other words illustrates the Dumpublican desire to eliminate subsidized Healthcare to the poorer folks in America, and would also repeal the 3.8 percent Medicaid tax that is surtaxed on investment and dividend income over 200k (and .9 percent on ordinary income over 200k). These taxes have helped fund subsidies to the poorer sick people, but are so insignificant to the wealthy in terms of affecting their quality of life (I would know). Republicans like to say it's better for everyone, but mainly it will give the wealthy a little more money, and leave many people penniless and sick.
Donald Trump promised his grand plan of Trumpcare to make healthcare better for all Americans, even though it is a deceptive misnomer that would screw many of the less fortunate and slightly benefit the wealthy.
by tomcatace April 01, 2017
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A health insurance bill that aims to replace ObamaCare with more coverage and protection against galactic casualties like death by meteorite, alien abduction, and Biblical-like plagues.
Policy engineers of TrumpCare are also fighting hard with insurance companies to ensure that all members are protected against cyberterrorism and Islamist terrorism.
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by MathPlus June 18, 2017
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