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The act of obtaining a tattoo of Donald Trump, America's next president, on one of your limb stumps.
I. e. Leg Stump, Elbow Stump, Finger Stump, etc.
Me: What happened last night?
Friend: Bruh, you got drunk and got a Trump Stump man!
Me:... Fuck
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Noun: A political speech supporting Donald Trump.
Verb: Trump stumping-To travel around the country and give political speeches supporting Donald Trump. Donald Trump, The Donald, Trump, Trumper, Trumpism, Trumpet, make America great again, The Apprentice, Trump speak, Trumped up, I'm going to do so much winning, Trump army, Trump rally, politics, political rally
I drove to Columbus, Ohio where Governor Pence gave a great Trump stump. I've gotten into politics so much, I'm going to support the The Donald by traveling around the country to do some Trump stumping.
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by joecoolthefool September 05, 2016
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The only thing left of the EPA after the Trump regime.
"Be gentle to not trip over that Trump Stump -- that's all that's left of the woods."
by KrisXA January 25, 2018
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