1. To defeat or squash.
2. A homophobic, racist, sexist excuse for a president.
Bro 1- How'd you do in the playoffs last night?
Bro 2- Awe, we trumped them!
Trump- We're gonna built a wall....
Women- Stop trying, Trump. It's not happening.
by P!ATDTrash January 01, 2017
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White man dripping with privilege. Tries to kick Muslims out of the country.
trump: Muslims out!

rational person: Islamophobia...
by bitcoin987 July 22, 2016
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slang for President Trump, emphasizing what an ass he is.
I wish President T-rump would be impeached, he is such an asshole and he's going to start WWIII!
by Epic Dick March 20, 2017
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Trump is what the cheeto factory named one of they're worst creations. This creation, "trump" was created because somebody mixed retardation, hitler, and a cheeto on accident.
Oh god... oh dear god!!! I have created a trump
by Pepeismylordandsavior March 20, 2017
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a guy with these qualities
-orange micro penis
-large tupee to cover his bald head
-overly egotistical duche bag
-blockes off everything with a wall
-needs to find a new spray tan salon
-and a new barber or should i say a new rupee dealer
-not a good business woman (yes woman)
-his hair is like cotton candy, only if cotton candy were made of piss
-his IQ is just like his penis (2)/inches
-renaming the department of education "trump university"
-trump is trying to get rid of all illegal immigrants but there has been on living on his head to the past 2 decades
-always with the last choice of wife to always be with because all of the others support Hillary

and of course you have to always have an affair with your daughter
man you are really being a dick

yeah you are really acting like trump

hey i don't want this guy working on my lawn

why sir
because he is mexican
who do you think you are trump
by silly-killy March 25, 2017
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/trəmp/ verb
To trump someone is to make oneself look incompetent, and/or idiotic (i.e. A joke), and then proceed to absolutely demolish them in a competition by unknown means.
"Jar Jar Binks completely trumped the droids in the Battle of Naboo"

"He wanted to build a wall, that's a childs solution! He's an idiot, who won!" "He was obviously trumping."
by SUPA FUG DUP June 29, 2016
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