trump is a stupid-ass-haircut that looks like shit.
Look at that trump, hahaha
by southwest December 07, 2004
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(v) When one forces another to watch donald trump for torture purposes.
Hey! I you dont leave me alone, I will trump your sorry ass.
by Quentin Brett February 08, 2007
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A highly aged and concentrated form of Santorum.
It is thicker and more tacky than fresh santorum and has been found to have several useful purposes the most common of which is to be used as a coating on large sums of money to prevent being taken by Mexicans. Pasteurized trump is also an ingredient in many low-end hair care products.
Dude, you smell like trump and also your hair looks terrible.
by Chihuahua McGee November 07, 2015
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1. To compulsively lie, use deception, or take fraudulent action.
2. To be obsessively obscene or compulsively repugnant.
3. A fake or a fraud of depreciating value.
4. Hypocritical lacking of self control.
Be careful of the orange used car blowhard, he might trump the deal.
His trump was showing and it made me want to vomit.
Only an obese trump would call them fat.
That cokehead is a real trump.
by o.loompa October 01, 2016
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its a code word for nicki minaj being hot. also the last name of the president of the united states
damn trump😍 nicki minaj? more loke nicki vagina! trump trump trump!
by nickimanijnib February 18, 2018
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