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1. "...a scandal that we've been referring to as 'Stupid Watergate', because it has all the potential consequences of Watergate but everyone involved is REALLY stupid."

A conspiracy consisting of arguably the greatest act of treason against a sovereign nation since Guy Fawkes' failed assassination attempt of King James I.

The premise is very simple and easy to understand; members of Donald J Trump's Presidential Campaign and transition team exchanged quid pro quo (this for that) involving help getting Donald Trump elected 45th president of the United States from Russian Nationals acting on behalf of and including Russian Autocrat Vladimir Putin through targeted social media propaganda utilizing a combination of Russian voter registration & record hacks and Steve Bannon's/Robert Mercer's 'Cambridge Analytica' to disseminate said data and micro-target individual voters through disinformation campaigns designed specifically to influence their likelihood of voting in a non favorable way towards Donald Trump becoming PotUS.

2. A fake conspiracy imagined up by butthurt snowflakes who lost an unlosable election to a populist political neophyte who tapped into the roots of middle class working America en-route to the greatest political upset in American Political History.
1. Trump Russia is quite literally the most obvious and inept conspiracy ever perpetrated successfully against the United States of America.

2. F***ing libtards always whining about that made up horses*** Trump Russia 'conspiracy' because of fake news MSM instead of investigating the real crooks $hillary and Obummer's Uranium One dealings with the Russian's. Enjoy the next 6 months as THE_DONALD locks HER UP! #MAGA
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by Nostradumas December 28, 2017
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