Another name for leftists, but also includes anarchists who don't consider themselves leftists. Anyone who is anti-capitalist is a member of the true political left. The true political left includes socialists, marxists, anarchists, etc.

The term is used to distinguish from the political left, which varies by countries and their politics and often includes capitalists who are not far right, and include anarchists who may not consider themselves leftists. The true political left refers to the pure economic horizontal axis of the most common ideology map, the political compass, where any ideology left of the center is anti-capitalist.
American conservatives and reactionaries love to rail on about how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are puppets of the radical left. Meanwhile the United states hasn't had a prominent politician from the true political left since before the first red scare in the 1910s. Bernie Sanders' policies aren't even socialist, they're that of social democracy.
by leftistmonke November 26, 2020
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