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first of all i'd like to say black people arent even black...come on... they are are BROWN last time i checked even the darkest of pigments were still brown...i even know some indians(from india) who are darker than alot of black people but they never get called black do they. thats cool.. anyways

true black women

1 respect their families by honoring their last name(not goin out makin a fool of yourself to embarass your parents)

2 dont go into a mcdonalds and post up with their friends in the back screamin "yo tell me why dis bitch gun call my phone da ovah day..i was whilin dat bitch yo" and dont evn order anything in the mcdonalds..probably in there to impress some black guy workin at the counter at the time so make sure they are EXTRA loud

3 dont "mean mug" any other black girl they see out of hatred or because shes (obviously hatin) jus for looking their way.. and if they are dark skin hate every light skin girl with good hair because shes "probably a stuck up bitch who think she better den me..fucc?"

4 dont have to "dress to impress" everytime they step out of the house..even to the car

5 not ashamed of their natural hair. for example:

me: hey mama! i like ur hair! how did u do that.. it was rele short yesterday and now its halfway down ur back! is that all yours?

the black girl: umm.. why da fucc u wanna kno bitch..? it aint yuh hair is it? arite den mind yuh fuckin business.. nd i bought it didnt i so dat shit IS all now.. get da fuck out my face for i get rel serious..

rosalita: ookaay then.. jus was gun compliment u mami but u do

5 dont hav to be at every party takin pictures for myspace with their then upload the pic on photoucket and crop out their face..or hair and jus leave their body.. nothing rele to look at anymore.. and if they are dark skin they lightin it as much as possible jus so when someone sees them in person is hella confused finding out they look completey different than the picture

6 dont give mixed girls(like myself) problems just becuase they arent fully black..(my mother is half black/half native american and my dad is latino..but i guess i came out jus lukin latina)..and anything i do around some of my black friends means im "tryin too hard"..I HATE IT!) FOR EXAMPLE:

me: damn! yo dat nigga over there sexy as shit!

the black girl: who da fuck u callin a nigga?! u cant say dat word hoe! u aint matter how hard u try..except it! but he is fine tho..

me: what are u talkin about.. i am somewhat black..fuck?

the black girl: yeah whatever you say bitch..

7 dont ONLY date a black boy just cause he has a nice car and can dress well and "knows how to handle his shit on the streets/trappin" ladies there are so many fine black men that dont have any of that stuff but are great people with good personalities.

8 hate latinos and call all of them either mexican or puerto ricans.. not all of us are! go get a map damn! there are more countries than mexico and PR!! y ya saves q tengo razon!!

9 say they are on their "independant shit" when they dont have a job or a car, but always brag how their gangsta boyfriend buys them everything..

10 and lastly true black women dont blame the world for all their problems.. like blaming white people still for all their strife STILL when 1865 has already passed..acting like black people are the only ones discriminated against.. i get rascism from everyone too even my own people!
..... sometimes refuse to smile nd cant be the least bit respectful to the help in stores jus to show that they dont take no shit! (come on.. we all know thats some cover up bullshit)

true black women dont act like that! they are respectful and kind. are comfortable with their hair.. (who said its bad hair??) its just a different type of hair. they are proud of their dark brown skin because its just as beautiful.. i think kenyan girls are so pretty and their skin is amazing. true black women dont let the past give them an excuse to slack off and be a bitch about everything. they respect other cultures and races.. such as mine.. i mean hey they cant say we dont have sum sexy latino brothers runnin around who can treat a women right. and they damn sure dont get mad when they see a black man out with a diff race! they dont hate the girl.. why? is it her fault shes attracted to a sexy black guy? and she dusnt hate on other black girls just because they mite look different or even mixed. african american is a beautiul race and they gotta unite. my best friend is black and shes beautiful and she knows it. shes studying to be a lawyer and her and her family dont do any of that shit. that goes to show you its a stereotype. my mom isnt like that either..granted shes mixed but still.. im proud to say my ancestors are black as well as im proud to be latina.. i got the best of both worlds( thank u FR DA CURVES YALL!!) LOL
shaniqua: look at dat dumbass mexican girl wanna b black datin dat brotha ovr dere

rosalita: yeh i heard you ho... dont hate ova nuthin.. mama jus cause i got a man and u claim u dont need one to complete you.. no its jus that u cant get one mami.. jjeje so ya vete..alejate d mi.. i dont hav time fr yuh whole im black nd proud bullshit we all know who the "true "black women"" are
by rosa**la nena venezolana June 20, 2009
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