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A rude, obnoxious, overboverbearing, disrespectful, arrogant, scandalous, shady, rank, person who will do and say anything to attract any attention to satisfy the need to be seen. Just stankness!! Perferrablity juvenile but can filter into the 20's and a few heathens who make it to old age.
Last time I checked, it did not say Facebook was a dating site, 900 talk dirty, or Hustler, Penthouse or anything in that category. DO NOT get up here knowing me all of 5 minutes and ask for a pic or send me your Vienna Sausage. Damn trout mouth heathen!!! If your 17 Ima send it to your Mom, if your 20 to 39 your wife or girlfriend will get it, if your older your Mom will get it cause yiu know we know you still live there!! That's so DISGUSTING & DISRESPECTFUL!!!! By the power invested in me I pronounce you blocked, deleted, and reported. :)
by Flossie Mae's Mommy February 23, 2017
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