A tophy wife is a woman in a May to December marriage that sees Christmas presents in December. A trophy wife believes that when she gets a swatch of mink and a plane ticket to New York City to get the matching coat, that he is really that romantic, and his secretary doens't know him better than she does. A trophy wife needs a nanny and she still can't cook, and a nanny means the sex isn't as good anymore, so if she's really smart, she'll adopt. A trophy wife is dependent and so is he; he has lost his fire and life has become too routine. A trophy wife means his ex is dating younger men.
Nancy who very publically married celebrity TV veteran Greg Meidel is a tropy wife. Like this trophy wife, we all know it will last because he took an oath!
by The Coolidge Effect January 29, 2008
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This is a crude sexual reference. A trophy wife is a "deer" with a "big rack" you "mount" in the den.
I haven't been this hard since I was twenty. Every old guy who can afford it should get a hot trophy wife. It's better than viagra.
by Joe Yang September 09, 2005
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A women who does nothing but look good and swallow cum after giving her husband a blowjob or partakes in the sexual activity labeled as anal.
Just got done doing anal with my trophy wife. I’m lucky she’s good looking because she does nothing else.
by Brownnyb14 February 27, 2018
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A female who will take all your money and cheat with your neighbors husband while you're at work.
My dad thought he upgraded when he found a trophy wife
by Chinchilla February 15, 2017
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