A plural from of trophy wife and it is also a lyric from a Panic At The Disco song "Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage"
Swear to shake it up, if you swear to listen
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention
I aim to be, your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives
by rentemspoons414 July 27, 2006
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She's educated, dedicates her days to bettering her community through charity work and philanthropy, she has impeccable manners and etiquette, and uses her status to better those around her and manages to look amazing while doing so. Trophy wives do three things: lunch, tennis, and their rich sexy husbands.
an educated, cultured, and amazing woman who marries an extremely successful man. while he works, she sits on comittees and raises their amazing children...unless they have a nanny.
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Stupid bimbo, who sits at home all day giving out to the pool boy, while reading Hello! and OK magazine, because her own life is so pathetic. Drives a Mercedes ML, whiles husband is out impregnating secetaries and air hostesses. Most likely deserve to die. Reside in the D4 area, sit on school parent's committees, and do charity work to make up for โ‚ฌ5,000 BTs shopping spree they did the previous day. Mould daughters into themselves so that they will grow up lonely and empty. Often pregnant at the age of nineteen, always blaming it on the condom.
Mother: A stupid commoner scratched my Merc while I was at the spa with Britney, luckily I was able to get Jeeves to pick me up in the chopper.
by jdi May 09, 2004
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This role is for a woman who is in a relationship and she is just there for her man. The trophy wife role is where you would just be there for your man and do anything that they want. This could also be taken as a woman who is thought of her husbands trophy and that they won her over or that it was a game and not because of true love
In the bachelorette all the guys are on their single dates and they are always talking about getting the rose and not just putting that at the back of their heads and that sounds like a trophy wife
by gossipgirl07 July 26, 2012
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1. a title many women only wish they were pretty enough to attain.

2. myself in 5 years

3. being paid to wake up and look cute everyday, as well as have a lot of sex and give a lot of head.
Oh how I wish I were a trophy wife.
by the kid under the cupboard January 10, 2009
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A woman you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole if you knew her past. See also: boat whore.
My trophy wife can't stop staring at the black guys.
by anon March 03, 2005
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even better than a gbf, a tw will always have your back!
My trophy wife is awesome because she always shares her food :)
by chyeahchyeahchyeah October 08, 2010
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