A synonym for trolly. Can be used to describe an act of trolling, or a troll. Homonymous with the noun form, troll. Can be used in such ways as "so troll," or just "troll" as a comment, in the same sentence pattern as "so stupid" or "gay" can be used. In the latter form, it may be ambiguous whether the statement "troll" is meant as a noun i.e. labeling someone as a troll, or an adjective, i.e. labeling an action as trolly or as a deliberate act of trolling.
Sam raised his hand in the College Democrats meeting and said, "This meeting is gay. I thought this was the anti-affirmative action club. Must've taken a wrong turn" I just sat there and shook my head. So troll.
by weirdalsuperfan April 02, 2015
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An ugly skanky chick who hides under your bed and fucks your boyfriend when you leave and go to work.
Fuck did you hear about Monica's boyfriend? Yeah he was fucking the troll Emily.
by Thequeen2018 January 09, 2018
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Someone who "Shares" a tonn'ov yr stuff without giving any credit and or is trying to be like or as 'cool' as you because they're not original nor nearly as creative. Ha!
you post a bunch or original pictures in an album you've just created, and one person shares like everything and blows up your notifications and doesn't even say thank you or give you credit to you.

that is a troll
by Muthachilla November 05, 2012
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a woman who toils with a mans emotions. Also known as a tease,cunt, bitch or a whore.
girl: hey you want to meet up tonight?
guy: yeah sure what do you wanna do?
girl: oh idk..watch a movie and then not watch it ;)
guy: what time?
girl: in an hr
guy: sure let me know when you want to meet
(4 hrs later)
guy: hey so are we meeting up?
guy: so whats the deal for tonight?

don't hear from her months on end; out of the blue

girl:hey you want to meet up tonight?
guy: Fuck you troll
by LuvRod October 10, 2011
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an ass-hat who spams words or commands in games video comments and other media
stop being such a troll
via giphy
by psedosumoselfie September 19, 2017
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troll refers to a forum-user or internet user who acts in a nasty manner or spreads lies and angers others for his own amusement. The origin of the word troll: a bunch of geeks using the early internet who played D & D started calling each other after villain names-- like "troll" and "ogre". The troll, a notorious trickster, was used to refer to forum users who would post irrelevant or incendiary comments.
And the troll spake "woe is me bones, i slept with your sister"
by zerbiofosho July 29, 2013
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A troll is a commonly used insult. Synonyms are toad and baboon. The word troll is used when someone is acting rather trollish.
by Whalespout1318 June 30, 2014
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