A word that has more meanings and uses than the word fuck. Troll has morphed from it's original urban definition of an ass of a person that makes people angry on social-media sites by posting rediculous shit for the lulz. To an individual that that uses charisma and bullshit to manipulate other people into doing their will, thus trolling thier mind. Short for controlling.
Shit gets deep when I troll them trollwannabe's." "My trollgame is too strong for dem biznatches.
by trollmaster#1 June 11, 2011
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a very ugly fat girl who u only hook up with when your drunk or really really high. also u talk to a troll for her hot ass friends. trolls always have food.
dude why the fuck did you hook me up with the troll?!!!

Dude, you could get her hot ass friends and I know your black ass wants that food stuffed in her troll tang!
by sup homie!! June 12, 2010
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The act of using escstacy and LSD together, often resulting in out of body like experiences, or prolonged states of orgasmic like feelings, very much appreciated by the experianced user, a bit much for the rookie roller.

Pulling a shrimping or fisning net with a boat.
pulling a fishing lure with a boat.
Man,,I trolled my ass off last night.
Damn I'm trollin.
Leave jack alone! He's trollin.

Lets troll for shrimp.
Im bord, lets just troll.
by Echosaga April 10, 2006
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A nice, albeit mischievious creature, often depicted as being tall and lanky with mottled skin, long hair, and a hooked nose.

On the other hands, trolls have been known to be huge and vicious carnivores, eating up to thirty humans in a single meal.
by h3jm4k December 21, 2003
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adj. and noun:
An outrageous insult directed towards someone who is grotesquely ugly. In more specific circumstances, this has been known to have been shouted towards someone who is in a wheelchair (either for permanent disablilty reasons or even just temporary injury).

Generally can be used as a derogative word!
1)Oi! Look at that girl, she's got troll!

2)"Who? you mean that spazzy Trolly thing, sitting over there
by Freddy White February 22, 2006
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A person usually female and ginger, who is having a bad hair day
kate looks a right troll today has she come to work on a motorbike?
by pishuptoursRus October 18, 2009
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