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A short fat woman in her early thirties whose face is troll-like. Her target is married men whom she will use for food, cigarettes, gifts, and money in exchange for anal sex in her mother's car. She is fiendishly cute in her own mind.
Angela is the troll whore who fucked my husband!
by The Anti-Troll Whore League August 27, 2009
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(1) A woman who is an attention whore who sexually teases Men with her body and lack of clothing.Especially on Social Networking sites via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Kik, etc.She does this for validation and self-esteem issues. She can be (most often is) very "ratchet" and annoying.

(2)Can be used in a masculine sense to describe a male attention whore who is seeking attention for instigating situations or "drama/beef". Most rappers today are troll whores.

(3)A racist or very annoying person who leaves shitty comments in the comment section online to aggravate people.
Leyla used to be such a bookworm. Now she is a troll whore on Facebook with alot of male friends.

Wow. Look at this troll whore who left a response on my comment on YouTube.
by INIR21 November 28, 2016
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