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Someone who unwittingly attracts trolls and/or general internet psychos. The initial pull that draws the troll to its magnet is frequently a benign comment posted on a forum or group, or in certain (rare) cases it may be nothing more than pure chance.
Friend A: “All Zara said was that she didn’t like tinted glasses, and this crazy guy just went…well crazy about it.”

Friend B: “Like OMG, she’s such a troll magnet.”
by chuffermonkey April 26, 2008
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A male who only attracts girls that look like a troll. The features of the troll include short and chunky. These girls also contain high pitched voices and like to follow the semi cute boy around like a puppy dog. In other words, beware of these troll girls.
Wow he is such a troll magnet!

Look at that troll magnet, I almost feel bad for him.
by bamfgrl February 04, 2011
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