When you speak the Trims Truth everything you say is true not matter what science says
“I only speak the Trims Truth my friend
by Wild Warren December 13, 2020
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When a boat can't get out of the hole because someone left the plug in the dock box.
Bobby's boat must have the trim tabs backwards, he can't get it up. Better go check his dock box.
by PappaLaker June 15, 2022
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Stop being an ad-hominem nazi douchebag
"Ok bud, you probably think China isn't _real_ communism"
"LOL, trim those unicorn bristles, bub"
by FloozyFoot June 30, 2022
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You know that bitch that comes along when weed is ready to be trimmed just to fuck your man and get free weed.
Ga damn trim whore got me for all my weed.
by HeadNurse December 14, 2015
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