Trim is prison slang for a homosexual also known as boy pussy. A prisoner who will perform sexual acts
I'm going to get me some ass from that new piece of trim on the yard.
by Jayphoenix October 25, 2019
Your outfit is fresh flee you got that Sh*t on you aint come to play you feeling yourself
popped out on some trim sh*t”
dont trip we come trim everytime”
“ they whole group look real trim”
by 6217fee October 31, 2022
Did you trim the ends of your hair?
by August 1, 2021
Shit, big pieces of. Cousin of the dreaded powerdump. In fact they're so big one must take extra care to recuperate afterwards by reading on the toilet. Also, the key ingredient in an upper decker.
I forgot to walk the Rottweiler after his nap and meal time, so now he left six pounds of beef trimmings on the welcome mat. The poor dear.
by ForkMeCantEatSoup November 17, 2011