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Trillmatic Mob is a 1,000 member tryhard crew on grand theft auto 5, they are recognized as 2raw, their 4 letter crew tag is 2raw, 2raw is a nice populated crew with veteran players and tryhards, they also run in groups on gta online servers , the crew is filled of jet pilots, base players, beach players, and just simple ground players , 2raw is one of the most popular and known tryhard crew on GTA Online , this crew is fairly good and need to be feared the 2raw crew has hundreds of skilled players which consists of a lot of players with extremely high ranks and modded accounts , and if you’re thinking about running up on a 2raw watch out because their crew is so big it’ll fill that lobby up and smack you even if you go passive they’ll find ways, the crew is ran and operated by T00 TRIPPY,
Trillmatic Mob is a 1,000 member tryhard crew on GTA5 online ran by T00 TRIPPY
by GTAPilot May 28, 2018
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