this trife life got me livin like an animal
by MYTH58 September 13, 2008
consistently being embarrassing or unfortunate. being a stank ass, punk ass, busted ass hoe. just living/acting in a manner that would be considered undesirable
I can't believe you woke up in a freshman dorm. You're living the trife life.

LaShaunda: "Why are you looking so busted every single day of your life?"
Ebony: "Because I never have time to shower"
LaShaunda: "Girl, you livin' the trife life!"
by trifelin ass bitch December 7, 2011
representation of the phrase "true life" as described in the MTV Series entitiled True Life. Can be trife for short, as some are uncomfortable with the redundancy of trife life.
Synonyms: no kidding, true life, true
Sally: Damn, I have tourettes!
Dan: trife life, that sucks

Sam: that test was hard.
Dave: trife life dude, trife life

Alex: That girl is so trife
Mark: WTF man! misuse of the word trife, really! you must have been dying to use that word. Congrats. now your really with the "in" crowd. Go find a new friend.
by e1462 March 17, 2008