Bitchy chicks at EMU. Also like to give up the buns.
Tri Delt...Everyone else has.
by CoorsLightEMU April 22, 2003
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While some definitions are semi-correct, this one aims to entertain the reader while shedding light on this subject.

Delta Delta Delta, better known as Tri-Delta or Tri-Delt.

**You know what they say**:

Can't get laid, try delt (everyone else has)!

(According to folklore, the three Deltas represent three "points" or erect cocks Tri-Delts strive to have in or around their mouth, have between their legs, and otherwise entertain, at all times)

>>>>Tri-delts are largely involved with philanthropy and community service. Their signature event is year-round: raising men's self-esteems, reminding them there are always girls who will have sex with them, since 1889.

An anonymously written poem:
I like getting ram-
med, yes I do!! I like cocks,
Sure I'll sleep with you!
Your friend wants in, I'll fuck him too!

You want a reach around?
You want to fuck on the ground?
I can't handle a big schlong??
Oh, you sir are ever-so-wrong!

Eifel Tower me.
Cover me,
Shower me, make it rain.
Do it the dark. And on a train.
And in a car. And in a tree.
Sex with me is so good so good you see!

So I will suck on cocks
Protruding from a "Big Sausage Pizza" box.
And I will take it from three, maybe four,
Of your friends, you think I haven't done this before??
And I will fuck over here and over there.
I Say: I will eat cock ANYWHERE!

Are you sad you can't get a date?
While you beat off to a playmate?
Listen here, without a doubt
This is true: I put out
By jove, it's not too late,
Remember, the adage is true:
Whatever the reason, I'll fuck you,
If any of this you've ever felt,
Then by god, you should be a Tri-Delt!
Can't get laid,
Tri delt.
>>>Commrade 1: "What it is man?"

(handshake that lasts no less than 12 seconds)

>>>Commrade 2: "Tryin' to get my dick wet tonight! (ingests copious amounts of drank)
Hit up that party down the street, it's sick as shit! Table dancers, no cover, kush out back...it's practically a reverse-sausage-fest!

_______But! Always have plan B, my fine soon-to-be-vomiting-because-you-just-finished-that-fifth-of-jack-alone-curled-in-a-ball-in-the-corner friend--can't get laid, Tri-Delt (*wink*)"

>>>Commrade 1: (Very animated as visions of fornication flood his intoxicated mind...as Tri-Delts have the reputation of being "easy" often (not always). Returning to reality after a 4 second LAG) "Awww yea!"

by Om Nom Nom.... November 30, 2011
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The girl at the D-Chi or Fiji party who everyone is paying attention to because she is the loudest and mostgirl there. She is also good looking, but not in the overly done-up way, and is dressed well in name brands, but not so much slutty as cute. Rival of the Chi O, teaser of the Gamma Phi, and will have an AKL fuck buddy. The Pi Phis refer to the Tri Delts as ghetto, but that's just because as bulimic crackheads, they are jealous of the Tri Delts.
Gamma Phi #1: Who is that bitch?
Gamma Phi #2: Which one?
Gamma Phi #1: The girl with the brown hair in the Abercrombie tank top and Hollister capris with the Coach bag and Chanel sunglasses.
Gamma Phi #2: Oh, the one who's flirting with Lindsey's boyfriend and laughing really loud?
Gamma Phi #1: Yeah, her.
Gamma Phi #2: Oh, that's that Tri Delt that used to get on that one AKL but she dates that D-Chi.
Gamma Phi #1: Ew. What does she have that I don't?
Gamma Phi #2: A really good personality, I guess. And she doesn't wear as much makeup or trendy shit from Urban Outfitters. And her hair isn't falling out because she bleaches it too much.
Gamma Phi #1: Okay, whatever, shut up.
by Sunny December 22, 2003
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Those bitches that like to back that ass up into the other types of greeks. I hate greeks, except those that like to sit on me.
"Tri Delta....Come ride the friendly thighs"
by Fledermaus187 January 25, 2005
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Freak in the bed, cuz all sorority girls are FREAKS!!!
yo man, i just naiiled this bitch, she was a total tri delt
by sp4nky May 30, 2004
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