A "trick" is : 1.) A man whos easily seduced by prostitutes into accepting cash for a womans time, sex, or companionship. Most of the prostitutes seducing the men involved have an STD, forcing the men seduced to come back to them, but being forced to pay for whatever they were tricked into being seduced into in the first place. If the men were looking for companionship, they were called tricks thenafter, because genuinely the companionship is all an act from the hoe, yet the man was tricked into believing there was something real and potential, and got an std. Thus, the term dubbed "turning tricks" was made. Most tricks get exploited by the std they might have caught. They cant go back to their families, or wives without drastic consequences resulted from being "turned" by the prostitute and their pimp into a trick. Most prostitutes are tricks themselves stuck in the game of prostitution by a pimp who never had sexual relations with them, but knows their sexual health secrets in order to exploit them into prostitution in the first place. Some pimps might be tricks themselves. Real pimps dont have sexual relations with their hoes, are clean, and simply extort hoes to get money by turning tricks. Most tricks are victims to STDs sadly to say, but the prostitution business thrives mostly on that aspect.
Seems like everyones got the same definition for the most part, but I think its more than your simple minds can fathom and they dont know shit...1.) He had to "whoop that hoe" because she was with a trick for an hour but didn't get any cash for it. Trick you better get some money next time around.

2.) That trick got the whole mob locked up.

The other meaning of trick is: 2.) A snitch ratting you out by "tricking" in the same sense as described above OR just the act of snitching has been dubbed as tricking just because its adapted down to its simplest form. For all purposes, it seems like all of the repeated wrong definitions here has truly made the world dumber and less deeply analytical of real world problems. Women do not just sell pussy for money (usually). Theyre extorted somehow into that. So all you people spatting dumb ass definitions truly took mind away from the real problems and made it into a woman who sells pussy and its much bigger than that, so you're an idiot. Delete your lame ass definitions and let mine stand out and address the real issues... you dumb ass tricks. Use condoms and get tested.
by The 5th. February 07, 2020
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a male that pays for sex from "working girl"or simply a prostitute, more specifically a man that will biy the goods more than once, is basically a sugar daddy and easily "tricked" into giving her all his money
"#city of the tricks and tricksters"

"is that your man babe?" asks one girl, "nah girl he just a trick" the woman replies
by DelilahRoseIsTheBest April 26, 2020
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